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Makan Trip To Ipoh Part I

We left Subang about 7am, to go to Ipoh for breakfast. I was really excited as it's the first time I took leave on my birthday and do something out of the ordinary. We reached Ipoh about 9am, and went straight to Foh San for dim sum. To our surprise, even though is a Monday, the place was packed with people! We had to stand and wait for tables. We waited about 10 minutes, which was not too bad. 

1) Siu Mai (烧麦)
2) Brinjal (酿矮瓜)
3) Har Gao (虾饺)

Look at the prawns in side! Yummy..
4) Yu Mai (Fish ball) (鱼麦)
This is my friend's favourite, I think we ordered 3 plates of this! 

5) Ngao Yuk Mai (Beef Ball) (牛肉麦)
6) Char Siu Pao (叉烧包)
Juicy fillings!
7) Chives Dumplings (韭菜饺)
8) Nor Mai Gai (糯米鸡)
This was good, a lot of fillings.. 
9) Walnut Wrap (核桃卷)
This is really good! I think the skin is crepe, wrapped with cucumber, meat floss and walnut. Something new and the combination tasted good. A must try!

10) Steamed Pork Ribs (蒸排骨)

11) Lao Sar Pao (流沙包) 
This is the first time i see and tried something like this. The filling is made of salted egg yoke, tasted really good and the fact that the filling ooze out when the pao got cut open. 

12)Fried Fish Ball (炸鱼圆)

13)Water chestnut dessert (马蹄糕)
14) Egg Tart (蛋塔)
15)The tea
18) The bill

17) The surroundings

Satisfied customer 'posing'
Restauran Foh San Sdn Bhd
15 Jalan Leong Sin Nam
30300 Ipoh, Perak
Tel: +605 2540308
Operating Hours: 6.30am to 2.30pm
Close on Tuesday, open daily includes Sunday & Public Holiday