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The TM Experience..

It's been raining everyday for the past week, and mind you the rain is heavy! It will rain in the morning, evening and late night. I don't quite appreciate rain in the evening as it cause massive traffic jam everyone especially when its time to go home! 

Last Friday when I got home, as usual I will turn on the internet connections and my notebook to play my favourite FB games. I waited for a while, eh.. there is no internet connection, the ADSL light has got no light on! So, I went to check the phone line, no dial tone, our house phone line is dead. I think it must have been the lighting that causes the phone line to be out. I told myself, no worries, I will call TM to report a fault but then, what is the number to call from my mobile phone? No idea... I called my friend to check on the number for me via the internet and she text me back slightly after that. I lodge my first report on 31 October 2009, they told me the problem will get fixed within 24 hours which I think it's quite fair. 

I check the phone again on Sunday, the line is still dead. I called TM again to find out what is going on, they told me, the case is still open and the technician will call for updates. I trusted them that the technician will give me a call for updates. On Monday, I checked the line again, still dead! So, I made my third call to TM, they tell me the same old story again. I explained to them that no one had called me since Saturday and I expect an explanation from them. All they can tell me is, your case is still open and the technician will call you with updates. I nearly lost my temper on them! I figured I will be gracious and give them another chance, and I received a call from them in the evening telling me that the problem has been resolve and if my line is working properly or not. I told them no,then they suggested for me to bring my modem to TM point and have the people there take a look. I told them, I don't think the modem is faulty but the telephone line because the line is still dead. Anyway, I called to complain again this morning, they told me the same story again! Knowing there is not much of a difference I can make, I told myself that, I will just call them everyday until this issue is solved! 

I just called home, and my mom picked up the phone! Meaning, the line is fixed finally, then I told my sis to switch on the modem to see if its working and it is working! Phew.. finally! From 24 hours to 96 hours, how efficient is TM? Need me to say more...