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O' Viet, Sunway Pyramid

A friend of mine came from my hometown for a roadshow, so he ask if I am free for dinner on Saturday and he feels like eating Vietnamese. Why Vietnamese, he said he wanna get back the feeling of staying in the US again. When we were studying in the US, Vietnamese food is something that we quite often eat. We have to drive about 45min from where we stayed to the city to eat Pho (Vietnamese beef noodles) As he comes from Johor, so he is not very familiar with roads in KL but knows how to get to Sunway Pyramid so we decided to go there for dinner.

The Frontage

Fried Vietnamese Spring roll with fish sauce

Vietnamese Beef Noodle

Vietnamese Cendol              3 Color Dessert 

The beef noodle was alright, of course it was not as nice as the ones from the US. The fried spring roll was nice but my dessert Vietnamese Cendol is a disappointment but my friends 3 color dessert was nice. the 3 layers are cendol, agar-agar and vanilla ice-cream. 

Overall the food was good and environment is nice and cozy, will definitely visit this joint again!  

O’Viet Restaurant & Café (Pork-free)
G1.45 (Ground Level, Sunway Pyramid)