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Cupcakes by Anise Cupcakes

I was cracking my brain that day as to what to make for a friend's birthday cake, was also discussing with a friend who likes to bake on what to make for him. We have some rough idea in mind, so we settled as it is until nearer to the date to decide the details. 

My friend's wife gtalk me one fine day, asking me about the coming birthday dinner for her hubby and mentioned that she has ordered cupcakes for him. So, I mentioned to my friend that we don't have to make anything anymore as cupcakes have been ordered. My friend's wife told me she has asked the cupcakes maker to make bass guitar & guitars as deco. This friend of mine, plays bass in my church worship team, he also plays guitar for his cell group worship. 


I had the privilege to see the cupcakes before everyone else get to see them, it was love at first sight! She made a grand piano, a bass guitar, a drum set and a saxophone, can start a band play already! The handy work is really good, and also the details, she even had the black notes on the piano! I am very impressed..

I think my friend was surprised by the cakes, which I am glad. Look at the smile on his face! Happy Birthday my dear friend, have yet another blessed year ahead!!

Everyone were rather excited to see the delicate work, some 'fighting' to take a shot with it. All the rest of us are also in the worship band, that's why the excitement!!

My friend ordered 2 flavours for the cupcakes, vanilla and chocolate. I felt the cake was a bit too dry, other than that everything is good! 

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