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Restaurant Jia Wei 佳味(冷气)海鲜酒家 @ Taman Gembira

On Saturday, I've planned a birthday dinner to celebrate birthday for a good friend. Took him to Restaurant Jia Wei at Jalan Kuchai Lama, nice food and good price! They were 8 of us and we ordered about 5 dishes of course all is gone! 

Pumpkin & Salted Egg Basket 咸蛋酥
The Pumpkin & Salted Egg basket evolved from the traditional Yam Basket (佛本飘香), I really like this dish as it is unique and the salted egg & pumpkin combination is really good. You can change the filling inside, we've chose Kong Po Chicken (公宝鸡丁). The restaurant don't serve this dish everyday, if you would like to try this dish do call in to order in advance. 

Stir fry veg 

Taufu 招牌豆腐
This taufu is also very yummy, the taufu is cut into small cubes, deep fried and topped with minced pork (肉碎) & pickled veg (菜哺).

Butter Milk Mantis Prawns (奶油尿蝦)
The mantis prawns were shell off, for easy eating. The prawn is deep fried then stir fried with butter milk sauce.

Steamed Chicken Fish 酱蒸鸡肉鱼
This fish is called chicken fish as the texture of the meat is like chicken meat, and not much bones very easy to eat. The sauce was tasty, but the fish was not so fresh which we have already highlighted to the captain. 

Restauran Jia Wei
561-10 Jalan Selesa
Taman Gembira
Jalan Kuchai Lama
Tel: +603 7982 7964 / +6017 2116584