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A Blinded Affair

One of my care bear was asking me which of the weekend nights I am free cause she wanna take me out for my birthday dinner. After a few suggestion, we settled for the 15th. She said, please get ready by 6.45pm and one of our 'dutt-dutt' car will come and fetch you. Then I asked her, where are we going, how should I dress and stuff. I was asking so specific that she nearly wanted to kill me, ahaha.. 

I didn't know what to expect after what they did for me for my birthday last year, they made me cry! It was tears of joy, surprise, and a touched heart.

Anyways, the dutt-dutt car came at 6.40pm, so I got into the car not knowing what to expect. They asked me to take the back seat, and buckle up, so I followed, then they passed me an eye mask and say 'nah, you can either put this on yourself or we put for you'. I chose to put it on, on my own. To cut the long story short, I was in this 'condition' till I reach the destination. I could tell where we were going until a friend called and I lost my directions. I told myself, oh well just relax and be surprised. 

The journey to the destination seems to take extremely long, I think we reached the place about 20minutes. Then comes the scary part, I had to walk blind folded. I was just telling them that I always do this to people and now finally I experience this on my own. They hold my hands while I walked, telling me what to do. I felt so insecure then.. 

I really had no idea where I was, while walking, I told them, I smelled charcoal. I heard many foot steps around me, feeling quite embarrassed, I know there are people walking around me. They pull a chair for me and I sat down, and they allow me to take off my mask.

I saw the swimming pool before my eyes and the rest of my care bears there. The swimming pool is at one of my care bear's place. Then the organizer said, we organised a BBQ party for you. They handed me my birthday cake and sang birthday song to me.

It's cake from my favourite bakery, RT Pastry!

Everyone went back to their respective positions, some BBQing the food, and others prepare to eat. I was told to just sit down and I will be serve with food and drinks. I hear that they started the preparation at 6pm, I was so blessed to see them working together for this. Building a better bond and friendship together.

The famous fried rice by my friends dad, she said she added the Chinese sausage cause I like them! Thanks!

Here is the pool side, I hear that it's quite a popular place for BBQ and rather difficult to book during weekends

All in!

I had a wonderful time that night, a big thank you to all my friends for putting this together for me. This will be yet another unforgettable birthday experience.  Last but not least, really thank God for hearing the prayers of His children, for not raining!


Dear Ama, didn't know you have a blog :D Now i'm gonna start haunting it.

Happy Birthday in advance to you again. Glad you enjoyed the bbq night.