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Aaron Minick - The Gospel: A Collection Of Sacred Hymns And Spirituals

I was at Canaanland, NZX Square last night. I told myself not to buy anything from there as their anniversary sale is on, but I still end up buying a CD. When I was browsing through the CDs section, what was playing caught my attention. I went to check out what CD they were playing, sounded like a Christmas album, I thought since I am preparing for Christmas Day's song maybe can get some idea. To my surprise, it's actually not a Christmas CD but a collection of Hymns by this guy call Aaron Minick. I have not heard of him before, but the style of music is something that I like so I've decided to buy it. 

The Album Cover

When I reached home, I immediately put the CD in my laptop and rip it in my computer so I can listen to them at work or something. 

I have been listening to it and I am glad I bought it, though kind of risky. I highly recommend if you like Ballad, Swing & Jazz or Harry Connick Jr. 


Hi there! What country are you in? Loved your post on Aaron Minick! He is a great singer!!!


Hi, thanks for dropping by. I am from Malaysia, how about you?