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CAREmart... A community project by FGT

CAREmart is another community project by FGT.With the rising cost of living, there are families who are struggling to make ends meet.
Our God is a God of ABUNDANCE. He supplies our every need. So we want to help those in need by allowing them to purchase essential goods at a subsidized cost at CAREmart.
The aim is to help reduce their food bill by 30%. So if they were paying $300 a month; now they pay only $210. Members and the public who are not eligible will purchase goods at market prices. Allevenue from CAREmart will be put in as the subsidies for the needy.  
What are essential goods? These are things we cannot do without such as rice, sugar, salt, flour, washing detergent etc.
CAREmart operates at 15, Jalan Tiara 2, Taman Perindustrian UEP, Subang Jaya, 47600.Operating hours are from Monday – Saturday: 8am – 6pm. But on Fridays, we are open till 8PM. And on Sundays, we open from 12:30pm – 6pm. You can also order in advance and pick up at the shop. We are contactable at: 03-8024-3501.
How can you be involved? It’s easy…instead of buying your monthly groceries at Tesco, Giant, Carrefour or your favourite mini market, buy ALL your groceries from CAREmart!
We also have gift vouchers in denominations of $20 and $50. If you want to bless someone with a practical gift, you can purchase these vouchers at CAREmart.

On 11 October 2009, there was a special event organised by Hannah Yeoh, DAP/MPSJ ADUN held at CAREmart. They have chosen about 50 single mothers around Subang Jaya to receive cash vouchers by CAREmart. At that afternoon, 2 MPSJ buses chauffeured the 50 single mothers to CAREmart to receive the vouchers and at the same time doing their shopping while there are there.  

Look from a far.. 

Hannah Yeoh presenting the cash vouchers

Our senior pastor showing Hannah around CAREmart

registering to be a member of CAREmart

finished shopping, heading back to the bus

It is always a blessing to help those who needs help regardless of their skin colours or religion. 
Come support us at CAREmart (!