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Two from Galilee... The Musical by The Canticle Singers

Last Saturday evening, a few of us went to see 'Two from Galilee' by The Canticle Singers. This musical was being shown at Panggung Bandaraya, KL. We were not told much about what the musical is about and wanted to see more of The Canticle Singers. I was anticipating this as we actually bought the tickets way ahead of time, and October seems so far away then. The play starts at 8.30pm and we reached there about 8.00pm. 
Entrance to Panggung Bandaraya
Welcome to Panggung Bandaraya
The ticket
The stage

The nice ceiling

I couldn't take any photos during the play as they do not allow any photography by non 'official' photographers. 

Did I enjoy the play? I can say it was alright, maybe my expectation was way too high. No doubt the singing were good!

Another photo before I end....