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Snowflakes Dessert 雪花栈 , SS15, Subang Jaya

Snowflakes has become one of my favourite joint a few months ago, this shop basically sells Taiwanese dessert. I go there at least once a month, that is consider a lot, that's what my friends tell me. My favourite order is their Best Seller, it is ice shaving+glass jelly+taro ball. 

The Best Seller

Aiyu Jelly (爱玉冰) 

6 of us had 2 best seller serve with cream, 1 Aiyu Jelly & 1 Soya Series

The soya series dessert is really unique. The ice is actually made out of soya bean juice, then shave to ice shaving. There are basically 3 series, Soya Series, Grass Jelly Series and Taro Ball series. With these series you get to choose about 5 different combination of toppings, some of the toppings are like taro, barley, red beans, bubbles (those in bubble tea), peanuts, black glutinous rice, these is what I can remember. 

The 'Beeping UFO'

What is the 'Beeping UFO' for? Snowflakes is a self service place, this beeping UFO is what they use to inform the customers that their orders are ready. The UFO will vibrate and blink when orders are ready to be collected from the counter. 

This place also sell Tau Fu Fa with different kinds of toppings, smoothies, bubble tea, yau char kuai, soya bean, and Hiong Peng. This please is really crowded after 8.30pm, if you wanna visit this place, I recommend that you go either in the afternoon or before 8.30pm. 

Here is the address:

No.61A, First Floor,
Jalan SS15/8A,
47500 Subang Jaya
Operating Hours 1-11p.m 

It's located directly opposite the Asia Cafe at SS15, surrounded by all the colleges.