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A Walk in The Park.. Bukit Jalil Park

I have been going for brisk walking at Bukit Jalil Park lately, why do I go all the way there when I stay in Subang? I like the surrounding there, and also spending some time with my friends while exercising. 

One of my friend has been telling me that she spotted a family of wild boar at the park, but we've been there a few times but was unable to spot them. Finally on Sunday, we 'met' them. They were looking for food I think, wondering around, some of the passerby gave them some bread. The bread disappeared instantly, I guess there is not much food to be found in the park. From our 'analysis', I think there is 1 papa pig, 1 mama pig, 2 kiddy pigs that was born the first round and 4 other kiddy pigs why do I say that? See for yourself..

Can you tell the difference? 

Still wondering around

See the difference in sizes? 

Hello there, nice to meet you.. 

Don't know if we will meet 'them' again or not, all the best to them living in this place!

ps: Thank you CF for taking this nice pictures! 


wah! Really got such sight ah! Must go Bukit Jalil Park 1 day to 'meet' the pig family! haha...


go lah! but then you might not get to see them for sure. depends on 'luck'.....