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Pull & Let Go... Star Archery, Sunway Pyramid

It was part of the task to be completed during our recent YA Amazing Adventure, what is Amazing Adventure... something like Amazing Race. One of the team from my care group (there were 2 teams that participated) won the consolation price of 255 arrows to play at Star Archery, Sunway Pyramid. We are to share with another care group since there are so many arrows to go around. Last Saturday, we finally managed to use the voucher. I always wonder how it felt like shooting an arrow, I didn't play in the Amazing Adventure as I was part of the organising committee. I was quite excited when we got this voucher. 

There are gears that one need to put on before one play. Finger glove and a hand protective piece, the leather finger glove is to protect you so that you won't hurt your finger while pulling or releasing the bow, and the hand piece is to protect your flesh so that the skin won't come off when the arrow is released. Sounds like a dangerous sport! 

There were 8 of us who went, 7 started playing first since the 8th person was late. Before we start, the workers there gave us a brief instruction on how to play and off we went. It was pretty exciting in the beginning but later part its kind of tiring as we use quite a fair bit of energy in pulling the bow and aiming at the target. All in all, it was a good experience. 

The lanes were clear, as we went there first thing they open.

That's me trying to shoot the target, but not easy to hit the bull's eye! 

All in a roll

For some reason, my arrows all went 'diving' on the ground

This is my score, I have 2 bull's eye! 

We all had a fun time, we proceed for coffee there after. I will probably not go again as it's really not my cup of tea.