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Hong Kong/Macau - 6D/5N - Day 5

Its our last day in Hong Kong, so we've decided to have dim sum (yes again) before we leave for airport. We went to a random one near the place we stayed in Mongkok. We have come to a conclusion that it is quite save to just walk in any dim sum place cause any of it will taste better than the ones in Malaysia.
Can't remember the name of this, but it's prawns inside
Fried radish cake
Char siu pao - juicy and nice
Har gao 
Char liong (chee cheong fun wrap with yao char guai) we've been wanting to eat this but not many dim sum place have it, even in HK. 
Custard bun, very nice one of the best I've tried
Don't know the name of this dim sum.. ahah.. 
Gun Tong Gao - huge dumpling, they pour the soup in when you order, hence the name. 
Ham sui kok
Crispy char siu pao
The restaurant is upstairs
The quiet street of HK early Sunday morning
There are signboard at every bus stops, giving instruction to what bus you should take and where the bus goes. 

This is the second time I have been to HK, I really enjoyed myself this time round. Having to try all the street foods, and visited the places that I have not been to and most importantly going with a bunch of good friends really made this trip a big difference! 

HONG KONG! a food and shopping haven indeed..