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Durian Cheesecake Recipe (Non-Bake)

I was cracking my head as to what cake to make to celebrate the May & June babies of the cell group. I have been craving for durian cheese cake, I tried it one time for a friend's birthday last year. So, I took the courage, did some research online and decided to make it. The cake turned out to be great and yummy, everyone loved it! The recipe I used was adapted from the Oreo Cheese Cake Recipe instead of orea, I replaced them with durian. 

1) Cream the whipping cream until mouse is form.
Put the whipped cream in fridge for use later
2) Mix cream cheese and durian flesh and mix well together. 
3) Add the gelatin mix well then add in the whipped cream
 4) Pour the batter into the base of cheese cake and chill overnight

I was really satisfied with how the cake turned out to be, I will be making it again this weekend! 


This sound simple, should try this very soon
Thank you for sharing!