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Hong Kong/Macau - 6D/5N - Day 2

Day 2: Macau/Tsim Sha Tsui : St. Paul's Ruin 大山岜, Macau Muzium, I Son Milk Company 顺鲜奶, Margaret's Portuguese Tart葡萄牙蛋塔, Venetian, Cafe Tai Lei- Pork Bun 大利来猪扒包, Guangdong Barbeque Restaurant 广东烧味餐厅

First ferry from Kowloon side, to Macau, about 1 hour ride
Down town Macau
Macau's Post Office
Around Largo de Senado or Senado Square 議事亭前地
A street you don't wanna miss when you go Macau
Wong Zi Gei noodle shop, good food but we didn't try cause no time and stomach also no space
Good place to go to when you are hungry, free tasting of everything
Koi Kei, famous almond cookies shop
St. Paul's Ruins, the rest of the building was destroy by fire
Museum of Macau
A glance of Macau from the museum 
Closer look to St. Paul's ruin
Walking up to St. Paul's Ruin
BBQ meat, all sorts of different cuts and parts
Portuguese egg tarts 
Very yummy, the pastry is crispy and egg is smooth and soft
Cooling off some almond cookies
I Son Milk Company
Double skin milk custard
Steamed egg
Ginger milk
Margerat Cafe e Nata
Edifício Kam Loi
Nam Van, Macau
All famous Margaret egg tart
It's a bakery shop, people come to pack sandwiches to go too
Fresh from the oven
Margaret's egg tart, taste better than Koi Kei's egg tart
The bakery is located at some back alley not that easy to find
Old Lisboa Casino
New casino in town - City of Dreams
Hard Rock Hotel
Inside Venetian 
Cafe Tai Lei - Super Famous Pork Bun
18 Rua Governador Tamagnini Banbosa R/C (Taipa)
Famous place for pork chop bun
Curry fish balls
Take 1
Take 2
Milk tea in a pot
Serradura Ice Cream
Guangdong Barbeque Restaurant
Ground fl., Hankow Bldg., 
43 Hankow Rd., Tsim Sha Tsui, 
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Dinner in HK, Tsim Tsa Tsui
Char siu & siu yuk
Yummilicious siu yuk.. 
Roast goose
Fried squid 
Guangdong BBQ Restaurant

End of day 2.. :)


MISS Hong KOng!!!


miss hong kong... =( Jane


I miss hong kong... when are we going back again?