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Hong Kong/Macau - 6D/5N - Day 1

For this series of of blog to Hong Kong & Macau, I am just going to use photos of the places that I have visited and restaurant I have eaten in with some caption. :)

Day 1: Hui Lao San 许留山, Stanley Market 赤柱, Hong Kong Convention & Exchibition CentreGolden Bauhinia , Tsim Chai Kee 沾仔记, Hang Fa Lau 杏花楼
 We arrived late that night, despite the tiredness we went out looking for supper. Ended up at Hui Lau Shan near the hostel we are staying in Mongkok area. 
 Green tea and milk tea tofu with milk
 Here is the choices
 Mango cubes & puree with glutinous rice ball
 The set.. 
 White radish cake with XO sauce
 Street food, still open 1am!
 The varieties
 Stinky tofu
 Our hostel - Dragon Inn is along this street
 Chili fish balls 
 Fish paste noodles
 This is very yummy, bacon wrapped sausage
 The time we had our supper! 
 Dim sum menu for breakfast of course
 What we ordered
 We proceeded to Stanley Market Road 
 Here is the market
 Behind the market is the seaside overlooking some condos uphill
 Famous restaurant shown in TVB series
 We had lunch here
 The set menu
 Roast duck with char siu rice
 Milk tea.. very nice and thick and smooth
 Hor fun fried with beef
 Pedestrian bridge around Central
 Not much traffic yet
 Famous building in Central district
 Convention centre
 Golden Bauhinia, gift from China for HK
Tsim Chai Kee
98 Wellington Street
Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong
2850 6471
 Tsim Tsai Kee, wantan mee restaurant in Central, where we had dinner at. 
 Mak Kee is just opposite Tsim Chai Kee which I heard their noodles is nice also but a bit pricey. 
 Soup wantan mee
 We ordered the mix noodle, fish paste and wantan
Hang Fa Lau
34 Cochrane Street
SoHo, Central, Hong Kong
 Dessert place, Hang Fa Lau, in central also
 Steamed double skin milk custard
 Yong zi gum lou
 Promotional item
 love the yam filling! 
 The longest escalator in central
End of day 1..