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Dried Veggie & Roast Pork Bones Porridge Recipe 菜干烧猪骨粥

Personally, I am a porridge lover though people always say that porridge is a sick men's food but to me its not! 

There are so many ways you can cook porridge, not just the plain white ones. I have tried many recipes of porridge and the one I am sharing today is one of the newer ones. 
The finished product
 Dried veg, about RM3.00 per packet
 How it look like
 Soak the dried veg in water until it's soft and rinse it with water a few times to wash away the sand and dirt
 Once its cleaned, cut it into smaller pieces
Pre-soak the rice with water so that it will cook faster
Roast pork bones, you can buy them at the roast pork/char siu stall in the market 
 Boil the dried veg with roast pork bones first for about 2 hours, the longer the better. I normally put it in my thermos pot for a few hours. 
 Add in the rice and cook under low fire until rice is soft
Wah lah.. yummy dried veg & roast pork bones porridge!