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Dragon Boat Festival (Double Fifth Festival), 端午节(Duan Wu Jie)

Dragon Boat Festival falls on 5th day and 5th month of the lunar year. The story of how it came about can read here.

Here is how the rice dumpling look like. The dumpling on the left is the normal dumpling whereas the one right is the Nyonya dumpling. 
 This is how it looks like skin off
 The Nyonya dumpling's rice has some blue coloured rice, the colour comes from the flower of morning glory.
 Inside of a Nyonya Dumpling, can't tell exactly what is inside. Some pork, mushroom, dried shrimp with a touch of sweetness
This is the normal type of dumpling, with pork, chestnut, salted egg yoke, mushroom. Some dumpling come with beans too and some is sweet ones with red bean paste filling. 

It used to be that we only get to eat the rice dumpling only once a year but nowadays it's available all year long. :)