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Hong Kong/Macau - 6D/5N - Day 4

Day 4: Lin Heung Tea House 蓮香樓, Chung Kee Dessert 松记糖水店, Mongkok 

It has become a customs for the Hong Kong people to 'yam cha' (drink tea), what it mean is to have dim sum with a pot of Chinese tea with family or friends during the weekends. Having watched so many HK series, it has always shown that if you wanna go yam cha you have to take number, queue up and wait for your number to be called for a table to sit. 

This dim sum place that we went to, is really crowded and the down side of it is you can't take numbers. What everyone does is wait next to a table, for the customers to finish eating and go then you can sit there. Really stressful exercise. To make things worst, we had to literally 'fight' to get the dim sum when the server push out the dim sum, if you are too gentle, my advice is don't even try to go near there! I must say I did a good job in 'grabbing' the dim sum for my friends... ahaha.. It was worth the effort, the dim sum is really good. 

Lin Heung Tea House 蓮香樓
160-164 Wellington Street, (Central)
Siu mai..
People waiting for place to sit
 Here are some choices of tea leafs what you can order
 Bean paste eel.. yummy! 
 Pig trotter, this is ok only. 
 Don't know what's the name of this dish, but it has mushroom, fish maw and some other stuff, tasted good. 
 Beef ball, not as good as the one we had at Tim Hou Wan
 Custard bun, so so only
 Steamed pig liver, yumm.. 
 Radish cake, nice! 
 This is one of my favourite, pork belly & yam bun
Really good
 Chicken feet and pork ribs rice..
 Sin zuk guin
 Fish ball
 all the stuff we ordered
A lot of people!
 We wanted to take the cable car (Ting Ting) to Causeway bay, but it's full all the time, so we gave up and too the MTR instead.
 Times Square
 My friend told me to take the pedestrian bridge cause this appears in HK series. Ha ha.. 
Chung Kee Dessert 松记糖水店
G/F, 21 Woo Sung Street 
Yau Ma Tei
 Dessert time

Look like many little eyes.. 
 Yong ji gum lou.. really good, we ordered 2! 
 Consist of mango puree, sago, pamelo flesh and cream I think. 
 Shaved ice, I think they call this Taufu Shave
 Name of the shop
 Glutinous rice ball (lui sa tong yuen)
 With black sesame seed filling
 Some other choices
 The sign board
 The night of HK - Sai Yong Choi Street
 All the lighted boards.. very bright
I took this at about 12midnight, look at the crowd, don't they sleep?

This is our last night in HK, so we stayed up quite late and did some last minute shopping too.. :) going to miss the food here.. My friends has said that, let's come to HK every other year, to perform our pilgrimage ahahah..:P