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Bangkok & Pattaya Day 1

It was my first time to Bangkok during CNY this year. There have been so much that I have heard of this place, and finally have a chance to visit here. 

The first thing that I notice after I've arrived is the weather and traffic! Hot, humid even worst than Malaysia, need me to say that Bangkok is famous for their traffic jam! Another thing I noticed was Buddha statue everywhere I go, intersection of cross roads, in hotels, shopping places, its just everywhere! 
We went for a river cruise, to see the famous floating market but unfortunately, the river that we went was not so happening. 
Saw a few temples along the river, and some residence along the river. Some of the house is pretty run down and you can also see a few of them that is very luxurious. What a contrast.
We then proceed to the crocodile farm. I can't help but took the photo below with the complicated wiring! 
The crocodile farm has a few other animals rared there, i was quite intrigued by the pig racing.
Creating 'Racial' harmony.. 
Pig Racing! 
Crocodile eggs
Crocodile show.. as if the crocodiles have been hypnotized. 

After the Tiger/Crocodile Zoo, we proceed to Pattaya, which is about 2 hours bus ride from Bangkok. We stopped by Pattaya Floating Market to shop for a while, the place is like a maze, I was a bit worried that I'll get lost in there. 
There were plenty of local food delights, and also crafts, clothing and many more.. 

More on Pattaya in Day 2 post.. :)