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Happy Days, Taipan, USJ

Frontage, the restaurant is located next to Speedy 99 super mart

We normally have our family dinner on Sundays, where my sis and I will make a point to not have any appointment on Sundays so we can take our parents out for a meal. I suggested to try Happy Days in Taipan, looking at the interesting deco and settings every time I passed by. 
When we step into the restaurant, the feel is really cool, makes you feel like you are back in the days of John Trovalta and Grease. Even the music played are the songs of that era. 
The upper deck is like a lounge, and smoking area
The tables and chairs I think are custom made
Scooter bike
The Menu Cover
After checking out the menu, the food type is American style something like TGIF
There is a promotion when we went there, buy 1 main course free 1 kid's meal. This fish & chips is from the kid's menu. The fish is fried just nice, not too dry, and the chips were crunchy and soft inside. 
Pizza from the kids meal. Thin crust, tasted okay only
Appertizer: Fried calamari, loaded potato skin and fried mozzarella cheese. The fried cheese was good, the ones that I tried the cheese normally quite hard but this one, it's really soft. yumm..
The cheese oozes out.. :)
Roasted spring chicken. Meat was tender and nice. 
Roast rack of lamb. This was good, the meat is tender and sauce is tasty

I will visit the place again to try on their other dishes. :)
55-A Ground Floor,
Jalan USJ 10/1F,
(Taipan), UEP Subang Jaya
Tel: 03 8023 7229.
Opening Hours:  Weekdays 11am-1am & Weekends 11am-2am.


I had their food last week. The service was horrible as the staff cannot even speak or understand ENGLISH. How to run a American diner when the staff is not even local?!

Besides their bad service, the food taste horrible, not value for money. It's too small.

With the price of $29.90, i can go to TGI Fridays and have my meal and be full and contented, but over here, portioning is too small.


I am sorry to hear of your bad experience there, I guess its one of those days. I do agree that the food is like Fridays.

As for portioning, I think its ok, just right for Asian stomach!



This place is pretty lousy. Been there once just when they opened, never been back.

Staff, while dressed to the theme, needs to improve their communication skills. Not sure if they are foreigners or locals. Service is pretty average.

Biggest problem is the food. Quality of food is below average, but prices are high(er). From what I remember, its more expensive than TGIF, but much less delicious, with less impressive presentation.

All in all, I felt it was a more expensive TGIF knockoff.


It has been closed since