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Bangkok & Pattaya Day 4

A shot taken from my hotel room

Today is my last day in Bangkok, my plan is to go to Chaktuchak weekend market and MBK shopping mall. I took a MTR (our version or LRT) which takes me directly to CTC. I was so amazed by how big the place is and the varieties is incredible and well organised by sections of the types of things you want to buy. 
Some of the stalls by the road side
So many things being sold! I have learned that if you like the stuff you see, buy it immediately if not you might not be able to find the shop again. The only down side of this place is the ally is very small and it's very stuffy and hot inside, I was soaking wet after about 2 hours of shopping in there. 
Traffic of Bangkok, congested. 
MBK Centre, very big shopping mall, like our version of Sg. Wang. I like their taxi colour, shocking pink!

In general, I like the shopping and food part of Bangkok but not the traffic and the weather! Will definitely visit Bangkok again... :)