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Bangkok & Pattaya Day 3

We left for Bangkok early in the morning for our next destination, the Safari World. 
While walking in, we were welcomed by a company of parrots, boy they are noisy and loud. I was quite amazed at their colours, bright and nice! 
This is the safari part, cranes on trees and many of them. 
Giraffe and Zebra 
Don't know the names.. but they look like goats..
Peacock.. there weren't many types of animals in the safari but it's good enough for me for the moment..
The Royal Dragon, our dinner place
The restaurant compound is really big, total of 8.35 acres which got them a Guinness World Record. 
The servers serve by skating because the compound is so big, I find it quite entertaining. 

We proceed back to the hotel after this, I didn't go out for walk anymore as I was dead tired!

End of Day 3