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Homemade Salted Lime - Remedy for Sore Throat & Cough 自制咸桔子

I was having sore throat and cough, and my friend passed me so homemade salted lime mix it with hot water, apparently will help cure sore throat and cough. The remedy did help, so I figured to make some myself to keep it handy just in case someone in the family is down with sore throat or cough
Some lime, wash it thoroughly. I rinsed it with some boiling water too. 
Crystal Salt
Place first a layer of salt, then a layer of lime and continue the process till lime  finishes also make sure that the salt covers the last layer of lime. 
Layer by layer

Leave this aside for for about a month or more, the longer the better. I will post the pictures of the end product later. 


What kind of salt is used here? I just see "crystal" salt.



What type of salt did you use? The only type is see listed is "crystal" salt.