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Ching Ming 2010

Ching Ming is a special day for the Chinese where we visit the grave of our ancestors. This is an annual event where all the family members gathers to go to the grave. For my case, its my grandparents. Sadly this year, my eldest uncle's family didn't join us as they went the week before cause my cousins had to work the Sunday we went. 
We normally get up very early to the grave so that we can finish before the weather is unbearable. When we arrived, the hill is already filled with people and smoke! Cleaning and filling up the pain for the wording is what we normally do, where the adults will start putting up the food offering and other stuff. 
The coloured papers were spread on top of the grave, I don't really know why. 
Here comes the burn offering, 2 boxes, 1 for my grandpa and 1 for my grandma. 
Small yellow flower. We hire care taker to take care of the grave area. This is planted by them. 

As a Christian, I don't perform any of the rituals involved during Ching Ming. I still go for this as I take it as a family gathering, and also helping out in cleaning and whichever help needed.