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Chinese New Year 2010

I have been lazy in writing my blog lately, and no post in March, such terrible blogger I am. I am trying to catch up with where I left it at. 

I was looking forward to this year's CNY as my cousin from the US is bringing her 2 kids back and also my aunt and uncle is also back from the US. My cousins and I have already started discussing what to do and eat months before CNY. 

To save hassle, we had steamboat for our reunion dinner. We have been doing it for the past few years and I think will continue till someone come up with a better idea on what to do. 

We normally visit my grandma on the first day of CNY, this day is where all my aunts and uncle gather there. I got to meet all my relatives and cousins, some I get to meet them only during this time of the year. 

On the Second day of CNY this year, we went to my aunt's place (my dad's side) for breakfast. My aunt is making dumpling for a change this year, we went to help out to make and of course to eat too. I didn't manage to take any photos as I was busy helping out to make the dumpling. 

After breakfast, we went to Kota Tinggi to visit a cousin of my dad. He owns a fruit orchard, my cousin would like to bring her 2 kids to 'experience' the nature. It takes about 1 hour from Kulai to Kota Tinggi. When we arrived there, we said hi to the relatives and then  we went for a little 'jungle trekking'. My 2 little nephews were so excited, and I was a bit worried while they walk as there isn't a proper road and the grass is quite high. 
This little one is too brave, he wanted to jump into the pond.. 
Trying to pluck a langsat with a little help from the adults.. 
Lotus pond
We had to show off our foot.. :P

After our little expedition, we proceeded to a wonderful home cooked lunch thereafter headed back to Kulai. By the time we reach home, everyone is pretty tired and siesta time is all we wanted to do.. 

My aunt is a good cook, as tradition we have dinner at her place during the second day of CNY. Here are the dishes she cooked...
The main dish for the night.. steamed fish! very yummy and fresh.. 
All seated and waiting to eat!

I felt that CNY is not complete and loses it's meaning if you spend it on your own. I really enjoy CNY every year, not about just getting ang paos or eating but spending time with relatives and friends which is most important in this festive season. I am not saying that we can't do that during normal days, but during CNY is when everyone will make a priority.. you feel the same way too? 

From the third day to the eighth day of CNY I went to Bangkok and Pattaya, I shall blog about it in a separate post. 

A relative of my cousin found out that my aunt is back from the US and she is looking to eat some durian went looking high and low for it. Unfortunately, he couldn't find any durian instead he gave her a huge jack fruit!
Huge Jack fruit
Takes 3 people to pull it open.. 
Finally managed to open it.
My little nephew showing off his jack fruit and insist that I take a picture of it
Removing the fruit, strongly advice you to use a glove as there is a sticky stuff produce by the jack fruit that can be bit difficult to clean later.
Cleaning the fruit from it's protection
This was really really sweet.. yummy! 

People say that happy moment fly by really fast, it is indeed. Though I was back in home town for a week but it didn't seems to be enough.. oh well... :P

Thanks for reading this long post.. hope you enjoyed reading as I enjoyed writing this.. :)