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Restaurant Todak (Orang Asli), Telok Jawa, Johor

My cousin recommended this place to dine when we went back to Kulai during CNY. Since my aunt and uncle are back from the US, we all went. This place is in a quite secluded area and if I don't have a GPS or a friend who's been there, I don't think I will ever end up in that place. We drove about 1 hour from Kulai to Telok Jawa, thank God the traffic at Pasir Gudang is not that bad. 

The restaurant is build extended to the sea, when we arrived it was still low tide, we could see some small crabs running around. I was busy taking some shots around and trying to take the sunset. 
While I was taking photos, I got a sms from Singtel welcoming me to Singapore. Don't know if you can see from the photos that just opposite the sea it is Singapore! 
It was a really nice and relaxing feeling sitting by the sea, having seafood with your love ones! 
Overlooking Singapore and their 'birds'... 
There are fresh seafood to choose from, once you've chosen them you choose also the way to prepare them
The compound is really big, I think there are easily more 50 staff working there
Some clams and fishes rare just next to the restaurant
Roast chicken, not that tasty..
Kam Hiong Mantis Prawns.. nice but the prawns still had shell on which is a bit troublesome to eat.. (lazy people complaining... )
 Butter Milk Squid, tasted good with a tinge of chinese wine added
 Black pepper crab.. this was finger, licking, good. The crabs were big with loads of meat. :)
 Salted egg crab, this is good, but I felt that the garlic has over shadow the taste of salted egg. 
By about 8pm, the place is packed!
Here is the address and phone number to this restaurant.

It was indeed a good experience and adventure. The food is good in general, I might pester my cousin to bring me there again..