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Restoran Uncle Seng, SS15, Subang Jaya

Uncle Seng is one of my sis favourite noodle place located at SS15, she has to visit this place at least once a week to satisfy her 'craving'. I have introduced this place to a few friends and it has also become their favourite noodle place. 

What is unique about this place is their noodles, which are made by themselves. The texture is nice and chewy. 
The noodle looked plain, but don't be deceived by it. The style is a bit like Kolo   Mee of Sarawak.
The portion of a plate of noodle is very big, we have learned to just order a plate of plain noodle to share for 2 and order the side dishes separately.
Curry Chicken, nice and flavourful
Hakka Fried Pork, tasted nice but we figured we won't order it the next time as the potion is quite small.. hahaha..
Fried wanton, my favourite. The filling is very tasty and skin is crispy.
Braised pork knuckle, this is another favourite. The meat is tender and the sauce is tasty.
My friend is distributing the noodle.
This is their homemade chili sauce, I normally add to my noodle and they become red noodles. This is not too spicy for me, but my friend says they are.
3-layered tea, my favourite drink. They make it nicely here. :)
This place is generally crowded, best is to go in the morning. 
 Write up of in a magazine of the place
Address and operating hours. No reservation is allowed, first come first serve!