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Hoi Tong Steamboat Buffet, Sri Kembangan

 Sign board
This place is one of my favourite place to visit, I like the spread and the price of this place. The spread is plenty and the price is reasonable. This restaurant is quite hidden, if not for my friend who took me there I wouldn't have known how to get there.
 The place is quite crowded during weekends
 A clean plate.. for now that is..
 Choose what you like
 The buffet spread
 Seafood section, matis prawns, bamboo clam
 Butter for grilling
 All segregated by sections, meat, veg, seafood, taufu and many more
 The black pepper lamb is one of my favourite
 Seafood is fresh, the have scallops too..
 Cooking time, the middle pot is for steamboat, both clear soup and tong yam
 The mess after that..
Hoi Tong Steamboat
Lot 12, Sri Kembangan Tambahan
43300 Sri Kembangan, Selangor 
Tel: +603-89436580

019 258 2509
012 228 3954