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What's Up With December 2009

December has been a super busy and eventful month for me. What really happened? 

1) Busy baking cookies to be sold in Caremart for charity. (took a lot of my time!)
2) Back to hometown for my grandma's 83 years old birthday.
3) Practicing for Christmas performance and worship for Christmas day.
4) Celebrated 3 friend's birthday, 2 eat out and 1 had BBQ party at my place. 
5) Prepare Christmas presents
6) Christmas Day service
7) Watched Avatar in 3D cinema at Mid Valley on Christmas Day
8) My laptop send for reformat
9) Back up external fell on the floor and died. All my back up files are gone!
10) Help out in stock take in Caremart

Such eventful month, don't even have time to blog. Now I have to start all over again, my photos that i took in December is all gone. 

Starting 2010 on a clean sheet of paper! :)