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Birthdays in December 2009

Finally got a chance to blog. 

Have not been updating my blog late due to the busy schedule and of course some laziness too. :P 

A few of my friends were discussing why so many of our friends' birthday in December, it's quite a 'burden' to us as we need to buy them dinners and birthday presents.. ehehe.. there were no answers to our curiosity. 

Birthday Celebration Number 1
We went to Sek Yuen, Jalan Pudu for dinner before we cut the yummiliciuos durian cheese cake at a friend's place.

Birthday Celebration Number 2
Celebrated one of the carebear's birthday. We cooked carbonara and baked chicken. I made banana crumble as birthday cake. :)

Birthday Celebration Number 3
Another birthday celebration, we had dinner in one of the restaurant in SS2 then proceed to a friend's house for cake cutting. We had nice double chocolate cake.

Birthday Celebration Number 4
Last one for the year, I didn't manage to snap a group photo as I was being a busy host. This is a shot for our gift exchange. We had BBQ at my place. :)

Such a happening month it has indeed been... December oh December...