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Daorae Koren BBQ Restaurant

The interior, we sat at the tatami side
Some deco and newspaper cutting

Korean food has become a hit all of a sudden, my guess is due to all the Korean drama that's airing on TV. I first tried Korean food while I was studying in the US, as its quite costly for me as a student so I don't eat them frequently. I was fascinated with all the side dishes that are served before the main dishes come, and fell in love with Kimchi since then on. 

Daorea Korean BBQ Restaurant is located in Taipan, a joint that we often go to especially when my dad's Japanese friend come to visit (he loves Korean BBQ for some reason) 
The funny thing on top acts like a chimney, for the smoke to be released. The bottom part is to put the hot and red charcoal. 
For the BBQ, you have to order at least 2 orders of meat. For the cooked food is up to you. We usually order the Bibimbab (hot stone bowl rice) and Jab Chae (Korean fried glass noodle), we figured we should try something else. 
Kim Chi Noodle, nice, it's like a salad noodle

We also ordered a bulgogi soup with rice, but I forgot to take photo of that :P That basically tasted like beef suki-yaki with some Korean touch. 
Some of the side dishes served
 Chinese lettuce to wrap the BBQ meat
Bean paste sauce on the left and sesame seed oil with salt on the right
Spring onion salad, my favourite
BBQing the beef and some garlic
This is how it's supposed to be eaten
BBQ Lamb
BBQ Pork marinate in their special sauce
Korean Pan cake, complimentary from the restuarant
Steamed egg, also complimentary by the restaurant

Daorea Korean BBQ Restuarant
8C Top Speed Business Centre
Jalan USJ 10/1J
47620 UEP Subang Jaya