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Almond Slice Cookies Recipe

Making these almond slice cookies is an annual affair for me. My relatives sort of 'expect' this in their gift bag for CNY every year. I first made them when I was studying in the US and have been making them since.
100g Castor sugar
100g whole almond
1 egg
160g butter
270g flour
(Soak almond in water for about 20min, air dried set aside for use later)
1) Cream butter and sugar until white and fluffy
2) Add in and beat till well mixed
3) Add flour in and mix well then add in almond. I added some sunflower seeds. 
 4) Once mixed well, put dough in a tray, press tightly to shape and put in the freezer till its harden. 
5) Cut the big dough into rectangular size and slice about 3-5mm thickness, lay one greased pan. Bake in 180C for 20minutes or until golden brown. 
 The top tray is a new tray, the bottom one has been baked for about 10min
Crunchy and tasty! :)