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Hakka Abacus (客家算盘子)

Hakka Abacus
 Yam / Taro
 Nice motives.
Please note when cutting yam do use glove as yam is sticky and may cause hand to itch
 Cut into cubes
 Cook yam first with water until very soft and smash to paste
Tapioca Flour
 Add the tapioca flour into yam paste
 Form a dough like this
 Make into small balls and press in, in the middle
 Cook abacus in water first
Abacus will float when its cook
 Minced Dried Shrimp
 Dried Shitake mushroom, sliced
 Wood ear mushroom, sliced 
 Bean sprout
 Garlic for sautéing 

Sauté both mushroom, dried shrimp until fragrant, add in cooked abacus lastly bean sprout. Add soya sauce and pepper to taste. 
The final product