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Beijing Holiday Part I

Temple of Heaven (天坛)
Huge Door, the dots on the door represents the identity of the owner. For the Emperor has 9.  
Another temple
The inside
Heavenly Centre Stone (天心石), if you stand in the centre and speak, you can hear echo. 

City Gate near Tian An Men Square
Monument at Tian An Men Square
Tian An Men (天安门)
You have to pass through this to go to Forbidden City
Forbidden City (紫禁城), after going through many gates finally enter into the place where Emperor meet his ministers. 

I love this Hawthorn ice-cream
Peking Crispy Duck
Great wall of China - one part of it
Where couples put their locks here as a symbol of their love for each other
A very steep climb.. phew.. 
Green peas ice-cream.. nice! 
IT Office of Olympic Games
Water Cube Swimming Centre
Cool IBM building near Olympics Village
Bird Nest
Night View
Lights up 


This brings back memory of a trip to Bejing with my mum!