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Beijing Holiday Part II

 Panda Zoo - 大熊猫馆
 Giant Panda - what they do best, lazing around
 Tri-shaw Driver at Hutong 胡同, lanes
 Some of the lanes we passed by
 The Summer Palace 颐和园
This place is where Empress Dowager CiXi 慈禧太后 likes to spend her leisure time. Beautiful place, too bad it was hazy hence the picture didn't turn out nice
 My attention was caught by this guy, using a water brush to write Chinese calligraphy, impressive. 
 The longest corridor 长廊 at Summer Palace, 728m long with 14,000 pieces of painting along the corridor, is the world's longest art gallery
 Interesting motorbike
 It says for self use, I saw at another place for commercial use
 Beijing Bei Hai Park - Nine Dragon Wall
 Some guys gathering around with Er Hu 二胡 singing Old Beijing Opera
 Beijing Lotus Market Bar 荷花市场
 There many nice restaurants and bars along Lotus Market
 Starbucks - Chinese Style
World's largest LCD screen at the Place
 The picture changes 
 The Place
 Look at the traffic at 9.30pm.. crazy
  Huge Marriot Hotel
 Baked Sweet Potato 
 Railway Station
Another City Gate
Qianmen Street 
 Bird cage, apparently the more bird cage that are hung outside a restaurant, shows that the restaurant is very 
 Jasmine Tea ice-cream, so so only
 Looking towards the City Gate
  Looking to the other side
Dong Hua Men Night Market, with lots of local delights and exotic food
CCTV Building
Capital Museum
Part of the Interior, the museum is huge with 6 stories.

Beijing is a historical city with modern development, when you visit the city, its a mix feeling of the new and the old. China is a country of great history, it's really amazing to see the buildings, places that you have read in the books in front of you. If you love Chinese History, do visit Beijing!