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Sunrise @ Broga Hill, Semenyih

It was a crazy idea to have suggested hiking and watching sunrise at Broga Hill. Why a crazy idea? That's because we need to gather at 4.30am, and leave  for Semenyih to reach there by 5.30am. It takes about 45 minutes from where we are to reach Semenyih, in case you are wondering where Semenyih is, it's at the border of Selangor and Negeri Sembilan. The hiking takes about 30-45 minutes depending on your ability.

We reached there about 5.45am, and goodness, there are already about 50-70 cars parked a long the road side. There were 21 of us who went, once we've parked, did a head count and up we went. It was pitch dark as we walk through the oil palm plantations before reaching to the trail to go up the hill. There were many people around hiking with torch lights, so we were not so worried as non has been to Broga before. The initial 15 minutes hike is quite easy but the last 15 minutes hike was the killer. The trail was steep, and there are no proper steps to walk on. 
 This is actually quite steep 

When I was hiking, I saw lights blinking from the torch light along the trail of people hiking. It was a beautiful sight, like firefly blinking away. The whole forest came to life, with people chatting, complaining, talking on the phone to make sure their mates who are left behind are doing okay. 

We reached the first top at about 6.15am, and the sky is beginning to brighten up. There were already many people there, some resting, some were busy posing and taking photos. Some serious photographers also set up their tripod to catch the sunrise. Here are some of the photos my friend and I took. 

The sun is slowly showing itself
Had to sit down to rest, I was sweating like mad!
My friend said this cloud look like atomic bomb of WWII
Can you see the round round sun?
I love this shot..:) 
Here is all of us who went, one for the record before we head down
Here is to tell you how 'difficult' the trail is.. 
My sis was having fun!
Some of the cars parked at the foot hill

Breakfast is of course the next agenda after a strenuous hike! We went to a place where some bloggers has suggested, they sell Koh Loh mee, laksa and BBQ chicken wings.  The place is call Yap Choon Kwai Koh Loh Mee (located opposite Sin Ming Chinese School along Jalan Besar). There were already many people when we reach there, had to sit at the store next door as there were many of us. 
We took a packet of nasi lemak to ease our hunger while waiting for the boss to take orders from us. 
This tasted good, I think we were all really hungry!
Curry Mee was not too bad, but I find it a bit too sweet
We also ordered this sausages, it was good! 

We didn't get to try the chicken wings as they only have it on Sundays. 

I think everyone had fun, though some did 'grumble' a bit but I had fun. Thank God also for the great weather, if it rains again we had to cancel our trip there. 

Will I go back there again, hmm....... definitely! 


Nice photo! & I hope you love the Broga Hill hike :-)

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Thanks, I enjoyed the hike!