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Snowflakes Dessert 雪花栈 , SS15, Subang Jaya (Revisited)

Aunt and cousins came for a visit over the long weekend last week, he heard about Snowflakes and has asked me to take him there while they are around. We went on Sunday, before dinner to avoid the crowd after dinner time!

They have new menu, some new additions to the menu like the Hot Best Seller and Sea Amber Jelly. Since they are new, we ordered to try them. 
The rest of the menu

The Sea Amber Jelly
I find this to be okay only, the ice is not as fine as the other ice. 

Hot best seller.. we didn't know what to expect from this but it turn out to be good. The grass jelly soup with peanuts, taro balls & pearls. All are my favourite!
My all time favourite, The Best Seller (cold version) 
Soya ice series set 4, Set 4 comes with red beans, Taro and pearls, I added the taro balls cause that's my favourite. The ice is shaved from soya bean milk ice, which gave the combination a nice taste. 

My cousins and kids loved the desserts, I am glad they enjoyed it. 

Snowflakes has a customer royalty card where they will give you a stamp for every RM5 you spend, once you spend up to RM50 you will get a bowl of dessert for free! I am now using my 3rd card already, you can imagine how frequent I go there.. :P 

My advice again, that the best time to go is in the afternoon and don't go after 8.30pm the place will be packed with people and you won't get to enjoy your dessert as people will be standing next to you waiting for your table! I hope they will open another branch soon.. SNOWFLAKES!


they are now in pavillion kl. so happy!


oh.. that's cool! I love their stuff..