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Durian - The King Of Fruit

 The fruit of durian, this is golden yellow, some is pale yellow, some is white. The taste of durian varies according to the type of durian. Some is sweet, some is bitter sweet, some creamy, some with a taste of wine. It's really amazing! I personally love durian, please bear in mind that durian is very heaty, do drink a lot of water after you have durian, best is with salt water!  
 The thorny fruit that gives out a strong smell, some say the smell is nice some say it stinks. 
 The best durian breed - Musang King
 The expert trying to open the durian, without using glove! 
Opening another one for us to eat. 

We had this durian in Jenjarum, one of my business partner took us there. Their pricing is quite cheap compared to those in the city. 

Do you like durian?